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Why Limosa?

Powerful: The Limosa is equipped with the Victor 1 of Simonini and has 44 hp and a thrust of no less than 120 kg. The empty weight of the Limosa lays at around 85 kg.
This configuration makes that the Limosa needs only a short runway and has a superb climb rate even with two heavy persons.

Low noise: To fly level, depending on the glider that is used, only around 4600 rpm of the engine is needed. This in combination with the especially designed additional muffler and 3 bladed propeller, with a diameter of 1.60 meter, makes the Limosa one of the most silent trikes on the marked today.

DULV: The Limosa is build to meet the DULV standard

Simple Building: a good ppg trike is the art of leaving things out.
All parts of the Limosa are functional and designed in a way that they can be fabricated and mounted with extreme efficiency,
this to keep the price and the weight as low as possible.

Good looking: Judge by your self. You can’t discus taste. It is just beautiful isn’t it?

Reliable Known: the Limosa is DULV certified it complies with all the safety regulations enforced by German (and Dutch) law.
But Dutch PPG takes it a step further. Dutch ppg has chosen for an engine with double ignition and liquid cooling.
All the engines that are leaving the factory are already broken in and tuned to reduce the risk of seizure and breakdown drastically.

Maintenance costs: The maintenance intervals of the Victor 1 engine are many times longer than comparable engines.
This results in low maintenance costs of the Limosa.

Options: Despite the standard Limosa is kept as simple as possible, there is the possibility for extra options and costumer wishes.
Everything is possible in consultation with your dealer, provided that it is still within the regulations of the DULV.

Good service: Because Dutch PPG has all parts in stock combined with the criteria that all dealers have the parts in stock for
normal maintenance, we can guarantee that in the unlikely event of damage or brake down,
your Limosa will fly again in a reasonable amount of time.

Technical data Limosa


Simonini Victor 1


1 cylinder 2-stroke


32,75 kW (44 hp)


Forced liquid cooling




Bing 54


Resonator and additional muffler


3- blades


1,60 meter

Empty weight

85 kg

Fuel capacity


Maximum take-off weight

300 kg

Fuel consumption

Depending on glider and weight

Static thrust

0 -120 kg


Sound measurement data: